A particular person skilled within the artwork will derive many strategies from rationalization above and the three examples discussed beneath. Figures 6b and 6c are schematics of the elements of other embodiments for a digital cable headend. DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS Figure 1 is a schematic of an present analog cable television delivery system. It is an object of this invention to supply a cable headend that decrypts alerts obtained in varied encryption codecs and encrypts all alerts transmitted to viewer homes into one encryption format. A variety of analytical and statistical methods could also be used to determine the priority of the FIFOs 156 for sequencing. These instructions will embody which video signals must be selected and other data such because the types of alerts , whether or not the video is encrypted and the encryption methodology used, etc.

Depending on the specific embodiment, the television program sign might need to be compressed, combined/multiplexed, encoded, mapped, modulated, upconverted and amplified. Each transponder is simply capable of dealing with a single analog tv program at a time. The received analog tv program indicators are mixed by the cable headend 34 and routed to the concatenated cable system 32. The one program per transponder limitation of the analog tv supply system may be eliminated with the introduction of digital know-how. In the preferred embodiment, two-way communications between the network controller 304 and set high terminal 58 will occur over cable traces. Interactive television programming may be accommodated through the network controller 304.

The cable tv supply methods should be redesigned to reap the benefits of digital know-how. The cable headend is a key part of a cable television delivery system and requires redesign. In order to accommodate cable TV methods that have totally different bandwidths and channel capacities, the cable headend transmits signals of different bandwidths to parts of the concatenated cable system. To accomplish this breakdown, the tv programming may be divided into http://todayfootball9c4.basinperlite.com components corresponding to precedence one, two, and three programming.

Since the video signal's MPEG packets are addressed, every FIFO 156 is assigned to receive certain video packets in MPEG format which have the suitable tackle assigned to that FIFO 156. This embodiment additionally provides for remote control of the Control CPU ninety by modem 116. Many compression strategies similar to MPEG can be found and can be utilized with the current invention. What is required is a cable headend that can deal with any needed signal encryption or decryption. Figure 10c exhibits a simple example of how the overflow condition may be dealt with with software at the Control CPU 90. This subroutine 224 should decide which packets of video/audio data are to be deleted and what number of packets are to be deleted.

If completely different bandwidths of tv programming are required for various portions of the cable system, more in depth hardware http://footballpredictiolkv.intelelectrical.com and software program is required for the Combiner 104. Multiple Combiners 104 can be used in parallel or in collection to accommodate concatenated cable methods 50 with different bandwidths as described later. Also, a number of Combiners 104 can be utilized in a modular system design as shown in determine 3b. Information on local avails eighty four is supplied to the Control CPU ninety either manually by an operator or by way of a remote sign from a nationwide website . For handbook entry of local programming data, a workstation ninety one or terminal is offered. Although a easy terminal with a CRT can accomplish the information entry, a workstation ninety one with a graphical show and a mouse is most well-liked.

In the preferred embodiment, the place cost and maintaining an exact program schedule is essential, the FIFOs 156 usually are not giant enough to deal with all overflows. The measurement of the FIFOs 156 is dictated by a sequence of things corresponding to cost, acceptable lack of knowledge, scheduling and timing issues. These factors must be balanced to determine the dimensions of the FIFOs 156 needed for any particular embodiment. Although the decryption/encryption equipment 126 is proven located after the demultiplexers one hundred twenty and between the error correction 124 and the Combiner 104, it could be situated elsewhere.

For occasion, action scenes in sports or films require higher video information than still photos or pictures with principally blue sky background. In the popular embodiment, this kind of information on the video segments is obtained by the Control CPU 90 from the central web site. Alternatively, the video sort data could also be decided using digital tools at the headend 42.

In a easy embodiment, this system control data sign can be passed through the cable headend forty two to the set prime terminal fifty eight without any modifications. ADVANCED EMBODIMENT Figures eleven shows an overview of the operation of a more advanced program delivery system 40. Figure 12 is a schematic of the preferred embodiment of a digital cable headend 42 to help the extra advanced program delivery system 40.

Figure 9a shows the particular hardware of the Combiner 104 in an embodiment which uses IRDs 86 and a QAM 102. Figure 9b exhibits the output management logic a hundred ninety which can be positioned remotely from the Combiner 104. In the preferred embodiment, the output control logic one hundred ninety is situated between the Control CPU 90

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and Combiner 104. "Global patent litigation dataset” by Darts-ip is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution four.zero International License.

If the central site has requested a combination that is beyond

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the potential of the Combiner 104 gear located at that cable headend forty two, a notification signal will be sent to the central web site requesting new information. The mixture of video feeds could also be inappropriate for a selection of reasons, including too many video feeds or too many video packets to mix . Although only one verification verify is shown for the knowledge obtained from the central web site, those skilled in the art will understand that many verification checks on the data from the central website could also be carried out. Following verification, notification or reject indicators may be sent to the central web site. COMBINER SYSTEM HARDWARE Figure 7 exhibits a extra detailed view of 1 embodiment of a cable headend 42 with Combiner 104. Specifically, Figure 7 depicts the Combiner's 104 major components a hundred and forty, which embrace elements that present a deciding on function and other parts 142 that carry out signal combining.

Those outputs of the multiplexer which are enabled are then enter to the Combiner 104. For this primary technique, a central Operations Center 56 must divide this system sign into three elements and send http://footballpredictiooxm.endexit.com a separate main header before each sign for each half. This method requires the additional signal overhead of a header on this system signal. There are several methods by which the cable headend 42 might strip the unnecessary signals.

In this manner, a single digital program may be selected from a transponder 52 carrying multiple digital packages. Priority two tv programming just isn't accepted by the cable tv system whose digital capacity is the smallest, or in this case, the forty eight mHz system 60. Priority two tv programming is accepted and utilized http://sportsbetui1.tosaweb.com by the 2 larger capacity cable television systems proven sixty two, 64 respectively.

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